Welcome to the official website of the Society of Infectious Disease (Singapore). SIDS is an aggregate of individuals, health care professionals and organizations with interests and concerns in infectious diseases both locally and internationally. This site serves as an online portal for news and announcements from the society, and is linked to our education portal and the Network for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (Singapore).

12th Western Pacific Congress on Chemotherapy and Infectious Diseases

We would like to welcome everyone to Singapore for the 12th WPCCID. This conference will be held in Singapore at the Shangri-la Hotel from 2nd to 5th December 2010. Please visit the conference website  for more details, including registration and abstract submission. Please join us and share in the exchange of ideas and knowledge!

Meetings in March

Asia ID Speaker's ForumISAAR 2007

Asia Infectious Diseases Speaker's Forum: March 6 2007
6th International Symposium on Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance:
March 6-9 2007

Please click on upcoming events (left sidebar) or the ISAAR image above for more details.


Infectious Diseases in Singapore

Despite being a developed country with high standards of living and an excellent healthcare infrastructure, the threat of infectious diseases remains ever present in our country. This pertains not only to global outbreaks of pathogens such as SARS or avian influenza, but also to more insidious and less publicized infections caused by hospital drug-resistant micro-organisms as well as regional diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and melioidosis.
The Society of Infectious Disease (Singapore) was established more than a decade ago to enable individuals with an interest in infectious diseases to come together. It also aims to educate both health care professionals and the general public as well as to foster a greater and balanced awareness of the microbial world.
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